Chertsey Road – New Build

Another new build project, Chertsey Road was also a property that was demolished and re-built from scratch. New Acre Contractors designed and carry out all works on the project from start to finish

Chertsey Road

The building is compliant with all local and national building regulations and completed by a highly qualified and regulated team. Chertsey Road plot was originally two garages. The Chertsey Road plot was the bought by New Acre Contractors, who demolished the garages and built Chertsey Road’s newest property.

This property was completed in a period of just under 6 months and also includes a system built into the house that draws energy from the air in the garden, to help power the property and comply with local regulation to supply at least 10% green/renewable energy.

Below you can view the finish provided by the New Acre Contractors team of inside and outside of the property: